I suck at playing online can anyone give me any Tips

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I'm coming straight out with this and saying I suck.Can anyone who's like the shit at this game give me any advice or strategies.I usually don't care for the online for this game.But after I got my ass kicked playing this game at a anime convention center.I want redemption I felt so disrespected after the defeat.You guys can crack jokes at me if you want,but for the guys kind enough to give me advice I'm thankful.

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The main thing that I suck at are the substitution jutsus...  Not sure what the timing's like...

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@buttpork: I had trouble with that too at first.I found out that once an opponent attack first .You can dodge there attacks easier.I kept wondering when I was playing online.Why the other player would let me attack first.But then I found out it was easier to counter attacks.
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Didn't you already make this thread?

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@SethPhotopoulos: It was an accident my computer froze on me.The next thing I know there was a double post of my topic.
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I think that you either have it or you don`t in most cases 
I am pretty good at most games online and off especially FPS games but I think it is a "skill"  that I have obtained from the many other games that I have played over the years.
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hit a and x 

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@big_jon: I'm usually good at the online games I play too.But naruto for some reason,I can't get into as much like other fighting games.I can play tekken 6 and kick ass with raven.But for ultimate ninja storm 2 I end up getting my ass kicked.I wish the combat was more in depth in this game.I probably would have like it more and got more involved playing this online. 
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I never played a Naruto game before. If it's a fighting game then a lot of offline practice will help. Put it on the hardest difficulty and go at it. 

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Just figured out the system...  I kept pressing the RT in between punches...  Don't know...that's how it worked in one of my past Gamecube Naruto games... :)

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Play Sasori, hold block.

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