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I did not see a topic resembling my question enough, so new topic adventure go!
As someone who has enjoyed the better parts of the manga/anime I was surprised to see this game review as well as it did, with frequent mentions that it is better than the Xbox360 Ubisoft games released for it (both of which I played to completion and really liked). Seeing footage and reading reviews of this has gotten me interested in this game, so I went and got the demo. Now, I'm not a big fighting game player like some of my friends (I will never be able to appreciate the delicate balance I see in Street Fighter 4, for instance, because I'm not that good a player), and when I started the demo I literally just completely got my ass handed to me several times after giving myself a minute to study the button layout page and I had to stop playing because I got frustrated with how fast I was getting decimated without being able to do much about it.
My question for you fine people who own the full game:
Is there a chance for me to get properly (and forgivingly) introduced to the gameplay in the full game, or is it going at the break-neck speed the demo was showcasing from the get go? (additional question: if I'm not a big fan of the fighting genre but am ok with the Ubisoft Naruto games, would you recommend me this game if all I wanted was to have a fun experience that isn't completely brutal?)
Your answers may influence my course of action. Thanks to anyone who answers!

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Dude all you have to do is mash the O button.
That's what I do and I'm almost all the way through the adventure mode.
Seriously this game has less depth than Dynasty Warriors.

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i wouldn't say it had less @trophyhunter said:

" Dude all you have to do is mash the O button. That's what I do and I'm almost all the way through the adventure mode. Seriously this game has less depth than Dynasty Warriors. "
I wouldn't say it has less depth than Dynasty Warriors.. that's just silly :P. In terms of what you can DO in the game, it's definetly easy to see it as quite shallow, with all your main melee attacks coming from just  O or B... but  u've go to take into account everything else!
Ranged, your ninjitsu and ultimates all play crucial parts and most definetly the supports you can call in. Now im talking more from an online / playing with other people rather than just hammering at the A.I, as just pressing the standard melee will only get you so far. I 
considered myself pretty good at the original UNS only to come to this one where people are porting left right and centre and chaining me up Tekken style with their support players. It can feel cheap at times but thats what its all about :P
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Man why arnt any one piece games even close to as good as this.

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CC2 doesn't have the licence. 
There's no tutorial for complex techniques, because if there were any, it would expose the moves that break the game's combat system. 
But it's easy enough to understand the basics, and through those you can have a good fun afternoon of local combat.  Try going online though and every last seam is exposed.

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To be honest with you here...  I've got it for the 360...  Kinda hated it in the beginning...  No tutorials...straight into the fighting without anything...  I stuck through it 'cos I followed the story, which helped, and it just clicked for me at some point...  You'll get used to it, and eventually it'll feel awesome...though will be a long while...  If you're not a fan of the show I wouldn't recommend it as it takes lots of patience...  But feel free to ask anymore questions if you need to... :)

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I played it at my friends house for quite a bit so I can't speak to the beginning of it, but it feels very natural and I caught on quick.

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The 360 Naruto games are a mix of open world / RPG with a fighting game as the battle system. I don't see how the Ultimate Storm series can really be compared, they're different types of games.

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Totally agree with @xyzygy...  These games are completely different...  And P.S. as much as I love the story behind Naruto, the adventure mode is VERY tedious... :/

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Thank you everyone for the feedback. Based on my current gargantuan backlog, I'll hold off on getting this for a little bit, though I will most likely pick it up in the new year.

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I like it quite a lot.. but Im a Naruto fan.. so, take it as it is

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