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Can someone tell me how many of the characters are already unlocked?

Don't really care for the story mode since thats what i watch the anime/ read the manga for.

I just want to play versus on it, but the last game took way too long to unlock the characters. Never even got to use killer bee. actually did the story twice, on 360 and ps3.

Enjoyed the last game but i'm really not interested in going through the story again. same reason why i don't like most of DBZ games story mode.

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Well I can't tell you who is readily avaliable since I went straight to the story mode, but if you have data from the first two games(I guess if you have NUNS2 for xbox it will count for both) you will unlock about 30 characters. You're still going to have to play the story mode completely to have everyone though.

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thanks, i guess i'll make plans to do the story on a day off or something

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