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naruto ultimate ninja 2

Naruto ultimate ninja 2 is the second game in the naruto ultimate ninja series.
In overall its a pretty good game. The story mode in this game is called ultimate road.
Its streches over the The destruction of the leaf, and the Tsunade, arc.
So if your not familiar with the franchise you shut play Naruto ultimate ninja instead.
becaus the The destruction of the leaf is the third arc in the series.
It takes about 8-10 hours to complete the ultimate road mode.
In vs duel mode your able to unlock 31 character,s
The gameplay is the same as in the first game except that in secret technic mode you don,t only press buttons.
In the line its coming in now you can also press as many times on one button as you can.
And you can also spin the analog stick so as i said.
Naruto ultimate ninja is pretty good game in overall.


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