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Nathan is a character the player meets in Fallout 3.  His home is Megaton, where he lived most of his life.  He seems to have gone crazy in old age, and constantly talks about the Enclave (the U.S. "government").  He believes it's a patriots duty to never question the government.  Even his wife thinks he's crazy.

Ironically, when the Vault Dweller finds him/herself captured in Raven Rock, the Enclave's headquarters, Nathan too seems to have been captured. Any attempts to talk to him result in a stern warning, with Nathan claiming that the Enclave "aren't who they say they are". It is commonly accepted that Nathan died during the destruction of Raven Rock but there have been known cases where he is seen alive back in Megaton.
Nathan is also one of the NPCs of Megaton that can randomly be found dead. He is commonly found near Confessor Cromwell.

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