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Once the Howe's were looked upon with the utmost respect, now they are seen with disgust because of the sins of Arl Redon Howe. Nathaniel wishes to change that. The Warden finds Nathaniel in a holding cell in the basement Vigil's Keep. He was captured when attempting to take back some of his family's things from Vigil's Keep (If the player is a human noble, he was also attempting to assassinate you for the death of his father).

The Warden has the choice to sentence Nathaniel to death or conscript him into the Grey Wardens. If The Warden puts Nathaniel through the Grey Warden ritual "The Joining" he will be disgusted that he is being made into a Grey Warden. But soon after the ritual is over he will look upon this as a chance of Redemption, a chance to clean his family name.

Raising Nathaniel's approval meter

Nathaniel is a very different sort of man from his father, to which the player character must learn quickly to become friends. The player is to show faith in his family and explain how Rendon Howe is a noticeable blemish on a Noble heritage now lost, but one that can still be revived through his deeds.

Nathaniel looks kindly to practical gifts; items to help his lockpicking for example. He also greatly appreciates gifts of his own family - lost family heirlooms and the like.

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