15,000 people bought the special edition

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  According to this video 15,000 people bought the alpha. Which is crazy as their are only around 2 people playing the game currently. 
Is embedding currently off? It failed to work at all :(
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What is this I don't even...?

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@NekuSakuraba said:
" What is this I don't even...? "
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@NekuSakuraba:@Ahmad_Metallic:  Natural Selection 1 was a mod for Half-life 1. It was crazy popular it combined RTS and FPS in a marine vs Alien deathmatch. The original creators broke and are working on making the second one a stand alone game.
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Wouldn't there be very few people playing because it's just in alpha and there's nothing to do, unless you're preparing for making mods.

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Weird, camera in the mouth. What's so complex in this FPS and alien combat game where the person in the video gloats about not being dumb downed by consoles?

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