194 [Gorilla] is out, and it is fantastic.

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I've played a few matches on it, the performance has been improved drastically, Jetpacks are incredibly fun and the Onos is absolutely fucking terrifying, let alone a bunch of them charging at you. Haven't had a chance to check out the new official map though. I hope Giantbomb host this trailer on the site at some point.

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This game has been in development for years, I totally forgot about it. I loved playing the original though.

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Well they only have 6 people or something making it in an engine they've created from scratch so the dev time really isn't surprising me, really though the game's only been in active development for less than 3 years so that's not such an absurd length all things considered. It's been very playable for about 4-6 months and it's starting to all come together with this patch.

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I'm loving it!

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Damn Gina! This game looks awesome.

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Wait... Why does it have eyes in it's mouth?

And yeah, I completely forgot this game existed.

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