Anyone willing to do clan wars on weekdays or weedend?

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I have been looking around to scrim against other teams!.. I am curious if this game shines even more during matches so we could gather 6 players.

Anyone up for it?

If you have NS2, you are not familiar with NS2 and would like to learn about the game, I am connected during the night unless I am doing extra hours to crank up on the new Giant Bomb.

Add me on Steam by searching: Alba <3 Cornichons

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Thanks to ZombiePie's blog I actually saw this, but i think we have a couple ns2 players you'd be able to round up at the GB PC Gaming Hub. The forum thread for all our stuff is stickies on the pc board; id link it but i am on my phone. E: Link.

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@AlexW00d: Cool! I'll check out the group, I noticed you played NS2 a couple of times, do you guys still play?

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