Total Biscuit (UK's #1 Gaming Commentator) Plays NS2

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For some text:

The map is Docking and I pulled the #1 Gaming Commentator from his youtube page...

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Add a paragraph or two of text unless you want this locked.

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I find it funny you named him the "UK's #1 Gaming Commentator" when he is neither the most subscribed/viewed commentor in youtube and he also doesn't live in the UK anymore. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy his videos; but I don't think that is a fair title to give him.

Also, without explanation, I don't see what makes this video so special that it requires mentioning here specifically?

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@mandude: This is posted into the NS2 sub forums. No one posts there ever. I'm not worried.

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@Dixavd: What else needs explaining? It's pretty straight forward.

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Looking forward to him making a career out of covering this game and then being cut off by the developer followed by much tears and a rage quit.

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@Jack_Daniels said:

The map is Docking and I pulled the #1 Gaming Commentator from his youtube page...

Yeah that was probably the worst thing you could have written. But good luck with your thread and all!

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The forums are meant to be a place of discussion, with a few exceptions we don't allow users to say "Here's a cool video I found" and just dedicate an entire thread to it. Using a YouTube video as an aid to start discussion is fine, but if you aren't interested in writing a significant amount of text, written to invoke some kind of discussion, your thread violates the rules and will be treated as YouTube spam.


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