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Davebefree: NBA 2K11 Review 0

 As a fan of basketball, the NBA, and Michael Jordan, the release of NBA 2K11 felt a great deal like Christmas morning.  NBA 2K11 is a basketball game that promises a recreation of Michael Jordan in his prime, a full featured state of the art basketball experience, and a full overhaul to the series' modes and presentation.  It's a lot for a year to year iterative title and, surprisingly, NBA 2K11 almost accomplishes everything it sets out to do.  However, like the greatest basketball player of a...

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NBA 2K11-Attempted Review 0

 I’m not professional or even particularly experienced as a game journalist quite yet, but I do have a set of ideals that I think my reviews should adhere to. One such idea is my theory that, when applicable, the reviewer should try every part of a game they might expect a reader to experience. NBA 2K11 does not give a damn about my review-writing ideals. As a long time fan of the franchise (wow, I’ve been playing this series for literally half my life) I knew there would be something for me i...

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A Step Down for the Series 0

 2K's venerable hoops title is back for another go and basically has the market all to itself with EA's announced delay for Elite. Having the gameplay formula down pretty well, it's up to 2K to improve other features enough to justify its existence. And, in some ways, they pulled it off nicely. One of the two main non-franchise mode modes is the Jordan challenge where you have to match or exceed his performance in major games of his career. This is actually a great addition. Its hard (the ...

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NBA 2K11 Review 0

By -- Craig H.Most people may think that putting Michael Jordan on the cover and in the game is a gimmick that will be used to bolster sales. The care and precision used in all aspects of the game show that Michael Jordan is just the cherry that sits atop the best basketball game ever made.NBA 2K11 is packed to the brim with updates, improvements, and new features. From the new ‘My Player’ mode to the Jordan Challenges it’s not hard to find something to do. Add in new gameplay mechanics like the...

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Playable game. 0

I've been playing this game since it came out. There are a couple of things that I like and dislike.    Things I dislike:   Their response to our controllers can be frustrated and slow.  When you want to press a shooting button or stick, sometimes you get stuck and not shoot at all... maybe a little pump fake.  It just drives me crazy sometimes when they passed me the ball and it went over my head or cause me to be off-balance when I had a chance to shoot the three-pointer. I caught the bal...

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