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So Ronnie2k has been posting photos over on NBA 2K's facebook page of some of the things we can expect in My Player this year and explaining a bit about each new feature. I'm just gonna copy and paste it here for you guys to check out. Some of it just sounds awesome (TV commercials)!

Pre-draft interview with a GM

My Player Career of Ronnie2K - Pre-Draft Interviews: Before draft night, Ronnie must go through a rigorous interview process with multiple GM's vying for his talents. Depending on one's answers, character will be judged and draft value may soar or plummet. The Bobcats are interested in Ronnie, but is he interested in going to Charlotte?

Journalists and scouts rating your player in a Mock Draft

My Player Career of Ronnie2K - Mock Draft: After Ronnie's performance in the Rookie Showcase and Pre-Draft Interviews, the basketball pundits debate where Ronnie should go in the draft (just a prognostication, not what will absolutely happen). As you can see, the scouts aren't wild about his bite matching up to his bark, saying "he is delusional about his own abilities."

David Stern announces all first round pics

My Player Career of Ronnie2K - David Stern's NBA Draft: For the first time, David Stern joined the2K Sports studios and lent his voice to the NBA Draft. In NBA 2K12, Stern announces each team's pick for the entire 1st Round, something NEVER done before. Ronnie shakes Stern's hand and goes #20 as projected to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

A billboard of your player in My Player mode

My Player Career of Ronnie2K - Outdoor Billboards: Thanks to a promising start, the Minnesota Timberwolves put dollars behind marketing their new star SG, Ronnie. All around the city, outdoor signage goes up. This is just one of the many prominent examples around town.

One of many magazine covers you can earn

My Player Career of Ronnie2K - Magazine Covers: As the legend of Ronnie grows, all the magazines are looking to throw his mug on the cover. Among many that he enjoys in his first few years in the NBA, few are as memorable as when he adorns the cover of Sports Illustrated |

Promote your own line of Jordans

My Player Career of Ronnie2K - Name, Customize, and Promote a Shoe: Among the companies that want Ronnie to endorse their product, he was given a lucrative deal to name his shoe. With permission from his childhood hero Michael Jordan and Brand Jordan, he names the shoe "Air Singh" and they become the hottest selling sneaks on the planet.

Star in NBA television commercials

My Player Career of Ronnie2K - TV Commercials: Now one of the brightest stars in the NBA, Ronnie is being brought on to do do commercials on behalf of the league. Of course, one of the most dramatic is his own "Where Amazing Happens" spot.

My Player Career of @Ronnie2K - Write your own Hall of Fame Speech: After 17 years, Ronnie calls it quits. He decides to thank his supporters and teammates over the years (instead of talking about his endorsements, swagger, boys), mentioning his start with the Minnesota Timberwolvesand being moved to the New York Knicks to eventually claim his first (alongside Carmelo/Amare) NBA Championship that propelled him to the Hall.

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There was a My Player Insight by the dev team on Facebook that added even more info on the new upgrades, including some brand new info. I've added it to the wiki so read about things like playing just key games, player contracts & spending, etc on the overview page.

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