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So I really, really, REALLY want to get this game because everything I've heard about it make it sound great to play. My question to you guys is this: do you think this is the kind of game a pale British dude with only a cursory knowledge of the rules of Basketball could pick up and play and still get the most out of, or is it a 'fans only' kind of deal?

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@Devilb0y: You can totally get into this game even if you have basic knowledge of the game. In fact, I pretty much got a deeper understanding and appreciation for the sport after playing NBA 2K11 last year.

This year is even better, since it has a more sim-y slant to the gameplay than its predecessor. You'll pick up on how to help out your teammates and how best to run plays (there is now a playvision option to help you know where to run, and who are your options to pass - that is, who would be expecting a pass)

I used to be a fan of BBall, but after the NBA2K series I'm an even bigger fan now =).

I posted a review of the game on this site; you can check it out here.

Good luck (have Batman), and have fun!

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There are consistent issues with these NBA 2K games that can make them somewhat user-unfriendly, especially if you don't know what a "pick-and-roll" is, or a "give-and-go," what "the block" is or what it means to play a zone defense versus a man-to-man defense. Past 2K games have made this stuff really impenetrable, and it doesn't help that A) the default difficulty is a bit steep just in general, and B) the controls are overwhelmingly intricate (prioritizing contextual positioning over a "press this button, get this move" approach).

It's a difficult game to break into, to put it simply.

That said, the game's difficulty can be mitigated with a plethora of game sliders that allow you to skew the pace and relative stiffness of the game to your liking. Moreover, 2K12 has the best tutorial mode of any basketball I've probably ever seen. And it's plenty necessary, since these games go through dramatic control scheme changes on a yearly basis. The good news is that the game is rarely inconsistent. Once you know the controls, and know when certain inputs generate certain moves, you'll be well on your way to enjoying the NBA like a fresh spring love. To aid you with crazy stuff like offensive coaching is an option that will display positions on the court your player needs to move to, and the passing lanes you'll be using to looking to move the ball through to the other players on the floor. Basketball is more like Chess than most people realize, and the offensive playcalling stuff helps you get into the spirit of looking for the right play, the right man, the right pass, or the right isolation move to shake the defense just enough to get that shot the proper space.

TL;DR -- Definitely give it a shot. It has a steep curve, but it gives you the tools to cope and even master the game like Number 23 himself.


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