PC and Console versions identical?

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I'm just going to assume that they are, why wouldn't they right? (Ok, EA fucked over PC users with FIFA in the past but whatever)

The thing that got me wondering is that the PC version is 29€ and the Xbox/PS3 versions are 59€ on amazon.de, I know console games usually are a bit more expensive, but holy crap, that's huge. :|

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2k always prices their sports games low on the PC. My experience has been that both the NBA and MLB 2k games look fantastic on a high end PC and are identical in features and gameplay.

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I don't know if it got patched but 2k11 was supposed to be pretty terrible optimized and would only run at a playable framerate if you had a monster of a PC

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#4 Posted by Kato (189 posts) -
@raiz265 Why talk about EA? EA might screw PC over, but 2K/Visual Concepts ain't no EA.
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NBA 2k12 online PC is terrible. The graphics default to low so regardless of your system you're going to see PS2 style graphics and the servers are always either down or lag like shit that's been my experience and a few others at least. Its worth the extra money to buy it for consoles if you even are remotely thinking about playing online. Their forums have been in an uproar since 2k11 apparently 2Ksports shits on the PC crowd when it comes to online.

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