Upgrades in Franchise Mode?

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I am looking forward to 2K12 like no other but I haven't seen a whole lot about franchise mode. I know about the greatest mode and all of the upgrades to everything in the game, but have they mentioned any improvements to franchise mode?

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I'm wondering about this too.

Hopefully the rumoured ability for a 2nd player to enter as the opposing player for franchise games comes true.

It would definitely create a greater sense of meaning for those unable to commit to an online league.

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Not a lot of info on Association mode just yet, I think it will be mostly similar to last year. There have been some leaked vids of the Association menus and it looks pretty much the same.

I thought you could have a second player as the opposing team? I know you have the option before the game starts and at the controller select screen in the pause menu to adjust what team you and the second player are controlling. Guess I never really tried it myself, just assumed that's how it would work.

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I suppose I'm going to be easy to please then haha

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