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Somewhat better than NBA 2K11

So far I have only played the My Player mode of the game. While I am enjoying it for the most part, there are a few things that bug me:

  • Your teammates are generally shit for defense (they leave their man way too open/rotate too much or rotate for no good reason)
  • Your teammates are generally shit when you pass them the ball on a fastbreak
  • Even with a supremely high rating for pull-up jumpers, shooting in traffic, 3pt shooting, clutch offense, etc., you will STILL miss on WIDE OPEN 3s and mid-range shots
  • Coach gets replaced every year, even if the team does really well/wins championships
  • Off-ball defense is a little touch-and-go... sometimes I can deny my man the ball/path pretty well.. other times he's able to just blaze past me without any effort... even with my guy having capped quickness/speed/defense
  • Dribbling moves getting streamlined can be a little annoying, as I can't really have the same kind of dribbling control as I did last year
  • Collision detection for players can get a little too much sometimes - a little bump and your guy is taken completely off defense
  • Teammates get in the way a lot as well... on both offense and defense
  • Buzz rating is a little sketchy - sometimes even after winning a lot of games or doing really well (and getting lots of highlight plays), as well as scoring points on all 3 categories in the press conference interviews, the buzz ratings won't go up
  • Statistics can get messed up at times - I was shooting 60% for the season in one year, then out of the blue, it listed my FG% as 1% in the game... and stayed low until the next year... in the menu options though, my FG percentage was correct
  • Graphics aren't as good as they seem like they should be, or they're on par/worse than last year's version. There are various glitches too, where you or your teammate's jerseys are really messed up in the match-up logos. Also, I seem to remember my player getting more sweaty as the game progressed. It doesn't seem to be the case this year... he starts the game already sweaty and doesn't change for the better or worse.

All that said, however, there are some things I still like about this game:

  • Replays and animations are done a lot better this year, and are quite enjoyable to watch. I like how they slow down the time at various points, highlighting the dramatic effect a particular play has
  • Dunks look extremely awesome this year.. especially those supremely clutch ones
  • Taking charges and pulling the chair out from guys is a lot more easier this year
  • The importance of making plays makes the game a lot more enjoyable than the gameplay that we had last year (could almost single-handedly score all the baskets last year... you still sorta can this year, but you gotta make good plays)
  • A lot of cool pump-fake and other fake-shot animation chaining makes things look very smooth
  • Various things are streamlined effectively, like fake moves and spin dunks, etc.
  • My Player mode still is fun to play - getting your guy up from the lowly rookie to a superstar status is pretty awesome, especially now that money plays a role in the game
  • Teams do more trades now - it's great to see your team making changes - makes it more interesting
  • An actual Hall of Fame "ending" (as far as I can tell - haven't retired yet)
  • Commentary is still pretty good - it does eventually get boring (same phrases and such), but it's still good. They keep track of stats from previous games and years too... better than last year
  • Actual basketball physics ie. the ball isn't actually linked to a player anymore - it seems like it's a seperate entity on its own - this leads to some interesting moments where balls are blocked with elbows, arms, and yes, even FACES.

Overall, I think this is a pretty good basketball game. It's a lot more sim-y than last year's version, but it's still a lot of fun. I'm just hoping that playing the Legends will be awesome as well.


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