NBA2k13 pre-order incentive & Slam Dunk contest

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Here's some info on the upcoming NBA 2K13's take on implementing the Slam Dunk contest for the All-Star celebrations:

I was shown a Slam Dunk Contest featuring Michael Jordan, Blake Griffin and Dwight Howard. The user controlled Jordan. He selected from what looked like a generously deep array of dunks, and I was told that dunks using props and helpers would be a part of the action, too.

As Jordan began his dunk, the game went into very slow motion and a note highway appeared. The player then had to hit the face buttons as they passed, in the manner of Rock Band or some other rhythm game. The success of the dunk—and it will be scored according to official Dunk Contest rules—depends on how many of the buttons you correctly time. It appeared that for some stunts you may have to hit all of the notes correctly, though the team said I was looking at something whose difficulty had yet to be set.

I'm not quite sure how well I like this idea, but after playing a bit of the Slam Dunk contest in NBA2K11, I can sort of concede that this is the way to do it... NBA 2K11's version of doing stylish dunks was too difficult for me. I had a feeling they would implement this sort of system too... only I was sort of half-joking when I was thinking about it.

Now, about the pre-order incentive... I'm kind of confused. If we don't pre-order, we don't get to partake in any of the All-Star festivities like the Slam Dunk contest, 3-point shooting, or futures games? I read that if you pre-order, you get a branded venue... no word that I heard of about what you get if you don't pre-order.

The demonstration closed out with a look at the All-Star Weekend festivities—the preorder incentive that gives you a branded dunk contest, three-point shootout and future stars game, as well as the upcoming All-Star venue and uniforms... if you don't preorder the game, your play-now and career modes will still have an All-Star game, it'll just use the previous year's venue and uniforms (in this case, Orlando's) until the All-Star game is actually played and 2K gets permission to patch in the new skins. The preorder bonus is also for all preorders; it's not tied to a specific retailer.

Source (Kotaku)

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So they remove a feature present in previous installments, only to make a pre-order bonus? Well fuck...

Anyways, lets take bets on a cover athlete. I would say Derrick Rose, but he is out for next year. I'm going with Russell Westbrook.

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@illmatic19: I'm not sure if they removed it or not.. that's why I'm confused about the whole thing :(. I'd like to wait on reviews before making my decision, but if they did remove it from non-pre-orders.. that kinda blows =/.

I kinda want Rondo as the cover, but I have a feeling that Lin may be on there. Also, I think 2K still has a deal going with Jordan... so maybe it'll be another Jordan cover along with his buddies like 2K12.

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I want Lebron on the cover!! I can't wait for this game!!!

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