Right Stick Controls

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So what's your opinion on the new controls on the right stick? I used to really like how NBA Live did their right stick controls but I'm still finding it hard to develop the muscle memory of pulling the LT to pull up and shoot. Otherwise, I think the controls work well, getting passed defenders is a bit on the easy side, but the off the ball movement keeps traffic in the lane so it doesn't get abused.

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I'm struggling with shooting, I like the new dribble stuff, it is pretty intuitive to do, but at this stage it's counting for nothing because I am struggling to get a shot off on the end of it. The x button doesn't sit quite right with me and I forget to use the LT to modify it. I haven't played much of it though (just got back from o'seas trip and XCOM has taken most of my time since) so it's probably just my need to get used to it.

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