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The Best Basketball Sim of the PS2 Era

As the classification explains this is a guilty pleasure of mine. I love to play NBA 2K6! To be honest I don't watch much NBA basketball at all, I may catch a game here or there and I do watch it on Sportscenter. But I'm not what most people would see as a big basketball fan. Yet, there is something about this game that has me playing it at least once a day.

Let me start off by saying that this is a great looking game. On the court player models look realistic (much better then the #1 Madden) and the details of the arena are represented here perfectly. Even the menus are great to look at, not to mention very easy to navigate. And the cut scenes within the game are very nicely done, never while watching a replay was I stuck watching behind a wall or chair. And of course the animation is very slick and for the most part varied throughout the entire game. My only complaint about the presentation of the game lies in two areas. One, is the before game scenes, I would have really liked to have seen some animated player intros and the modeling for the different scenes before the game could have been better modeled. Two, the crowed, it was very 2D and flat, and for me that does take a little away from the experience.

Sound overall in this game isn't really anything special. 2K Sports has done a great job of having all the right sounds for the on court action. Even the crowed makes the right kind of noise depending on whats going on, even falling into a murmur when the game gets boring for them. But the announcers (although very good) get very repetitive. And the music isn't my favorite kind so I dock a point for that. Overall the best part of the game is the most important part of the game, that being the gameplay. I love the controls that 2K Sports came up with. Using the right analog stick to control your shooting, crossovers and even your stealing attempts was an ingenious idea. And all the controls are easy to get a handle on. But, if you don't like using the stick you can still use the buttons to do all your work. NBA 2K6 does a great job of making you feel like your playing a real basketball game. In the harder difficulties you won't string together a ton of blowouts by 30 or 40 points. And if you get careless and don't plan out what you want to do you will have a very hard time in winning any games at all. This is a game that you have to know basketball to have the full experience. This is a basketball sim at its finest. My only complaint about the gameplay is fouling isn't very realistic. But that is a very minor thing. Now I will be honest in saying that the only mode that I have played is the Association Mode. Which is NBA 2K6's career/multi season mode. Here you will do everything from play games, make trades, schedule practices, and scout college players. You do have to worry about the chemistry of your team. Which means that doing things like making a ton of trades or losing can hurt this chemistry. Fatigue is also a factor, so don't think that you can have practice everyday. Cause if you do, not only do you increase the chance of injury but you but your players will be too tired to play very long in games. Overall NBA 2K6 is a fantastic basketball game that should be played by anyone who wants a true to form basketball experience. Unless you want to have the 2007 rosters and what not I would suggest 2K6 over 2K7. You pretty much have the same experience only, to be honest, better. NBA 2K6 is a game that I will be playing for months to come. And, in my eyes, does the best job of simulation of its sport, in the entire sports genre.

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