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NBA 2K7 is a basketball game that came out a little after the other versions. It’s your typical basketball game; it has seasons and off season, mini games, licensed teams and perfects them. In the seasons you choose a team and you play through you can have your own developing team which your team will get better and better. It gets boring after a few months, that saying maybe about 20 hours, but that's the season mode which shows that you'll be entertained for a long time if you play by your self.

There is the basic season, if you can't be asked you can just select a team and play other teams. I may have put it to sound boring but its good fun too, not as challenging since you can just go and select a team like Miami Heat. That will keep you entertained too. To shoot in the game you use the analogue stick and just simply shoot. It's easier to slam dunk. You use the same button to steal the ball. You can do skills in the game by pressing R but remember not to do it for long. There is a new mode called street; which is OMG sweat. The graphics in the street mode will look HD even if you have a standard TV, because they focused the graphics on the players so it's easier. NBA is a graphically good game and the music is great fun. With other people you'll be entertained for a long time if not then you have to be a basketball fan to play it for long. I recommend you buy this on the other platforms; it's cheaper.

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