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NBA Action '94 allowed gamers to play as one of the 27 NBA teams using the 93-94 rosters.  It's game modes included Exhibition, Season ( adjustable to 20, 40, or a complete 82 game schedule), and Playoffs.  The playoffs could be divided into Single Elimination or Best of Series (5 or 7 games).
The commentary was provided by Marv Albert while the game was played on an isometric view, which would rotate whenever the ball crossed the halfcourt line.

Included with the game was also 3 Hall of Fame teams with 30 all-time greats.

Other features included

  • Adjustable quarters (4, 8 and 12 minutes)
  • Instant replay
  • Shot charts
  • Fouls
  • Role play options, allowing the user to play an entire game as 1 player.
  • 3 plays - Pick/Screen, clear out, and the double screen.
  • Up to 5 players playing at once with a Team Player adaptor.

Where most of these features seem fairly obvious in today's standards of a Basketball game, for it's time this was truly a wonderful selling point.

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