Thinking of buying, but I had a few questions

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NBA Jam is going on sale next week and I was thinking of buying it. I had a few questions, since I would mainly be playing this game offline in split-screen.

I wanted to know how difficult it is to unlock all the teams and characters? Also if I can do this without playing online matches.

I also wanted to know how many modes are locked out when you aren't connected to xbox live? I found EA sports games have an odd habit of locking single player modes with leaderboards when the console isn't connected online (SSX doesn't let you access the 'Explore' mode).

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You can unlock the majority of the stuff available in the Jam Store without playing online matches, there are only a few titles and avatars that have to be unlocked through online all characters and teams can be unlocked by playing solely offline.

Unlocking all characters and teams takes a very long time because they cost Jam Bucks (currency earned through winning games and completing challenges) to unlock and some of the characters and teams are rather expensive......but you can unlock a good portion of them fairly easily.

You would only be locked out of the Online Arena I believe.

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