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NBA Jam: On-Fire Edition review


NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, is everything you want a NBA Jam game to be. Outlandish dunks, insane Alley-Oops, guys on fire, Big heads and an announcer who never shuts up (for better and for worse). It's basically the perfect NBA Jam game. But it's a bit more than that. Coming from last year's... interesting release of NBA Jam. EA has taken a bit more laid back approached and really focused the ideas in this game. Gone are the boss encounters, and minigames and here a much more focused game. NBA Jam is all about the game, and to get more in this game, you have to play more, simple as that.

And that is kinda what makes NBA jam a good game, the simplicity. There isn't much in terms of options and the game only requires you to know 4 buttons.. at most Turbo, Shoot, Pass, Crossover/Shove... and... Move around? You can do "Razzle Dazzle" moves which add a bit a flare to your shots and crossover, but c'mon.. why would you do that?

Why leave yourself wide open for a shove/steal? This is NBA Jam, are you nuts?

And it's the Jam you know, shoving always works, Three shots in a row, gets you On Fire, three Alley-Oops gets you team fire , which is limited by a timer. And a streak of dunks leads to broken glass. Also, I recommend playing with Tag Mode off, with Tag mode enable, you control both players on offense and defense. Where as with tag Mode off, it gives a chance to harass the player with the ball as your teammate plays defense. As well as shoving players on offense, while your teammate does all the work. While it doesn't matter

The few options that are there are really just, quarter length, number of quarters (When will you ever not play 4 quarters?) and to turn on various “cheats” And they range from what you would expect from a Jam game, Big Head, Unlimited Turbo, Various different balls, and even a cool black and white filter and a crazy Retro filter, which kinda gives the players a blocky look like a 16-bit game. But really outside of that, these are just blocks to get you tot he game and that is all you really want to do, is play NBA Jam.

But don’t let it seem, like I'm selling the package too short. There is a Tour mode in which you play teams in various different regions and work up a Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum ladder in which the competition gets tougher and on some occasions they change the rule sets. These changes can range from Dunk being worth 3 points, All 3's worth 4 points, Dunk are worth 1 point, or On Fire never drains (as long as your opponent doesn't score). These little changes are enough to add variety to going through the ladders. And as you progress you get JAM points, which you go into the JAM store and unlock the various cheats, characters and players. This system is a bit more of a grind that last year's way to unlock people, but it's easy to play until you unlock the people you want.

And the people you want are here. The classic legends (minus Jordan) are all here. Magic, Bird, Pippen, Rodman, Wilkins, etc. they are all here. And you can unlock the NBA Jam teams, from the game play centered ones (Dunk team, shooter team, etc.) and then the crazy teams a Republican/Democrat team, The Beastie Boys, SSX team, and a NBA Street team... think about that, NBA Street!

But if there was a downfall, is that while the game is more stripped down and focused, there still isn't that much to do. While it's fun to play the game, I still wished that there were the crazy boss fights, and minigames to break up the monotony. If there was something to keep me in it would keep me playing longer.

While not as robust as the previous game, this seems to be perfectly streamlined for an downloadable title. The core game is fast and furious and most importantly, it's fun. And that is really why you would want to play a game called, NBA Jam.

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