nodima's NBA Jam: On Fire Edition (PlayStation Network (PS3)) review

Hits nostalgia for a moment, fails to stick

It's all new rosters, so you'll find your new cheese there. But the unfortunate part of this NBA Jam remake is that three pointers are emphasized (like real life) and the jokey iconoclast teams quickly become the go-to quads. It's fun enough when you're destroying opponents, but the destruction never seems to come right. Pushing folks down isn't as satisfying as a Jam should be, blocks are really oddly timed (somewhere between sim and regular) and it's just not clear when or why your A.I. teammate will commit to defense. I'll reveal right here that the simplest team to play with appears to be Javale McGee with Arron Afflalo for the Nuggets, But if you're not playing as Afflalo it's predictable he won't mug opponents consistently from one game to another. Frustrating whether you're playing CPU or Human opponents.

Fun diversion, but it's sub-Street gameplay. Which is weak at this point.


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