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Finally footballl that lives up to its last gen predecsors 0

NCAA 09 is the game college football fans have been waiting for. Electronic Arts has finally delivered a next gen college game worth 60$. It also brings one of the most realistic stadium simulations ever in a football game. This combined with a new animation system and a fully realized online franchise mode make this a must own for every college football fan. The first aspect of NCAA that grabs your attention is the variety of new animations in the game. These animations seem to procedurally gen...

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NCAA 2009 0

    NCAA 2009 will provide solid, college football for the saturday fan. With a solid Dynasty mode (Online as well) as well as a Campus Legend mode that allows the player to play as one superstar. The game has a few flaws. Bugs in the game leave a player clueless. I once missed a field goal and got three points for it. As well as the fact that during Campus Legend mode, there are no night games. Atmosphere is what makes College Football what it is, and the absence of Saturday Night Showdowns dur...

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Great Game but Understated Additions 0

The best way to sum up this years game is deceiving. At fist glance the game looks a lot like NCAA Football 08. The interface looks the same and the background images are mostly taken From the 07 edition of the game. This similar look gives somewhat negative first impressions. However, after you spend a few hours with the game you realize that it just seems like a really polished version of 08. The animations are smoother, the graphics are better, and the gameplay is more fluid and responsive.Ho...

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It's time for some real football. 0

Last year, NCAA Football 08 was a step in the right direction for making an incredible football franchise this generation. Many were expecting NCAA 09 to be incredible, with its new break away animation system, and other new features. Unfortunately, I could have had a V8, but luckily, NCAA football 09 is that great experience football fans have been waiting for. The biggest step up for the franchise is in its visuals. Now, I know I always praise EA Sports games for being pretty, but this game i...

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Solid Game 0

EA definitely did not disappoint me this year,like the past few years with Ncaa 08 and 07 both falling short of expectations.Ncaa football 09 brought back the Home Field Advantage system where the camera shakes and your Quarterback starts to get rattled,Plus if you throw an interception,they quiz you on the defense that was called.There's also this new feature called "Ice The Kicker" so when you call a time out as the kicker comes out to make the game tying or winning kick,the camera zooms in be...

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Good Game 0

This game could be better, but what game can you not say that for. I cant seem to figure out if the crowd noise actually does anything. Game plays well no real issues with the gameplay. Interceptions run rapid with a lot of swatted balls. Great new tip drill in game and surprisingly realistic....

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A version of NCAA '08 with Online Dynasty 0

Well NCAA is back for another installment in the usally great NCAA Football franchise,and this one add's to that.This is NOT the best NCAA Football game but its up there....although it's exactly like '08.The only new thing I've fount that acually done something was the Online Dynasty,which I had no problem's with but that is to talk about in a little bit,right now it's time for some single player.Well the gameplay is still solid but I want them to realize that you can't just keep poping the same...

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Not that many big improvments from last year except online dynast 0

NCAA 2009: There is some improved gameplay and the game looks a litte bit better this year but overall the gameplay feels mostly the same. You can also kind of choose your celebration in the endzone you can run up to the mascot or run to a team mate or press y and celebrate by yourself it really doesnt add that much to the game but you can't celebrate in college football anywaysGame Modes: The  Mascot games are back and are not that great all mascot teams are 99 overall and the jukes turn into c...

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