NCAA Rosters

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Anyone got an updated roster for NCAA 10 for 360?

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This site is everyone's best friend for rosters, sliders, and all kinds of other goodies. You have super hardcore fans that will either it do these things themselves and put them in the EA lockers or post it on the boards or...   PS3    360

You'll want to keep an eye on threads like these because when these rosters are finished they'll be put up in the EA locker.

EA Sports has a presence on this forum as well.

^^ If you log on the Internet with either console, everyone should see a message about getting an official roster update from easncaa10. By law, they can't do names but EA themselves has been trying to make everything shy of names more accurate and this is the first official update to that effect. Everyone will want this, at least. The people naming rosters are using updates from this official source as their foundation and working from there.

You CANNOT do rosters via USB any longer. There was a hissy fit all over the boards about that. You MUST be able to have Internet access to do any of this on either PS3 or 360. It's dumb, but that's the way it is for whatever reason.

I'm very happy with this year's game myself. I think it's a lot better than the last 2-3 years by far.

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@Eric5676 Thanks for the links.  I had forgotten about that site, first NCAA game I've bought since 2005.
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This feature was the best feature added in a long time. I'm so happy it is in this years game too. Lawsuits be damned!

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