First gameplay trailer looks pretty sweet!

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I'll admit it, I have an abusive relationship with EA sports titles, every year I keep buying Madden and Fifa, and last year I got hooked on NCAA as well (Region free on PS3!) and while a lot of the same problems still existed, like psychic defensive backs and so on, the games improved on a bunch of stuff as well and I had a ton of fun playing them. Now we have hit that time of year again, where information about NCAA and soon enough Madden, will be released, and I have to say I'm pretty excited about some of the changes, new throwing animations, actual 5 and 7 step drops, improved AI on kick offs and so on. EA also promise that they have finally eliminated the psychic DB's, which I'll have to see before I believe it, but nevertheless the sheer promise makes me even more excited to get back on the gridiron.

I know Giantbomb isn't exactly the place to discuss sports games, and I'd have better luck at Operation Sports but I have to try, anyone else excited for the new NCAA game?

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Not excited personally.

NCAA 11 was darn near great, NCAA 12 was so broken that it almost ruined my league's online dynasty, and running the option against a zone defense was just ridiculously buggy. I quit playing NCAA in October or November. I was set on not buying NCAA 13 this year. The demo will sell me, and the Amazon $45 pre-order price helps. I will be selling a number of games to get the cost down further if that's the route I go.

Before NCAA 10, I only bought NCAA football every other year while I buy Madden every year regardless. If NCAA 13 doesn't impress, I may be going back to the every other year approach while supplementing it with purchases of NHL instead.

If you play on PS3, my league may have an opening or two in NCAA for a sim, active, fair owner at

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Not that interested in NCAA. I do like to mess around with Madden while I listen to podcasts and such though.

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It happened, the one-click buy option was too attractive not to press. Free release day shipping for me this year.

The demo ironed out all concerns this year. Can't wait.

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I usually buy an NCAA football game every 3 or 4 years.....might pick this one up.

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