NCAA 12-team Online Dynasty

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HI All,

I'm looking to start a 12-team XBOX 360 online dynasty with some people from Giant Bomb. I'm hoping to start shortly after the game is released, once pastapadre or operation sports announce who's got the most accurate and complete roster of real player names.


  • 7 Minute quarters
  • No sliders
  • All-Pro level
  • No cheap players (i.e. never punting, rage-quitters, throwing every down even with the lead late in 4th, etc.)--looking for mature players who play football how football is played
  • Play game every 3-4 days
  • Committed to at least a couple seasons, if not more
  • People that are interested/committed enough to write stories in the dynasty page and comment on others
  • Upload good plays/pictures for the league to see
  • I'll even put up $25 of my own money (other owners can chip in if they like) for highest ranking player (assuming following conditions, below):
  1. Max 2-star team to start out
  2. Pick your own conference
  3. Decide your own schedule for your OPEN games
  4. No editing any players
  5. No user-created teams unless made with cupcake template and NO player stat edits--you can edit names, numbers, skin, college year only
  6. If a user team, you may pick your own conference and weakest team in that conference will be replaced--or just enter as Independent

We can alter/edit restrictions once we have a league formed, but I'm just looking for people that are interested for now. I have one, possibly two people other than myself, so I need at least 9 others that are interested in all the above. Reply here or to

Any questions/comments, let me know. Thanks!

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Im interested but I dont know yet if I'll buy the game. If the reviews are positive enough I think I'll buy it though.

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I want to join my gamer tag of

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Is this still happening? I am interested. Just got internet capable of running Xbox Live. Gamertag: Tracerace11

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