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Hello, I run a Madden/NCAA online league, the AALoA.

We are a sim league of PS3 players that try to place more emphasis on the fun experience of a league and not the do whatever it takes to beat your opponent. The '13 series of games will mark the 4th year of our Madden league, and 3rd year of our NCAA league.

What I'm recruiting for is a traditional Head Coach style league. Our NCAA commissioner has settled on a set of sliders to take away the gimme aspect of playing the CPU. Most seasons you face off with 3 or 4 other users due to custom schedules. We're targeting a start date around the week of August 21 or so, might have to wait for the patch that drops near the end of the month. By then we'll have a good roster base set as well.

You can sign up for our forum at http://aaloa.forumotion.com and take a look around. Our Portal offers a central hub of info. Then there's a basic forum, and a live chatbox in the bottom right corner of every page. We also have our 2012 series franchises all archived at the bottom of the forum for you to look at so you can get a feel for how things have been run. Our rules are posted in each league that players agree to abide by, and a number discussion topics are there as we wait for this last week to pass before the hotness begins.

If you're a fun and fair, sim style owner, check us out, maybe we can grow the Giant Bomb sports community one dynasty at a time. ;)

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Bump. I've edited my first post, a Coaching Carousel Dynasty is looking bleak. But we do have openings in our regular dynasty. There are a guaranteed 3 open spots for head coaches of any type of team, big or small. They generally fill on a first come, first serve basis. We have 2 spots reserved, but if those owners change their mind, we may have 5 openings. The 7 guys we do have are the core guys that make up the NCAA dynasty, so they're likely going nowhere unless life intervenes.

If you have questions, jump on the forum and ask.

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