Official GB NCAA 14 Dynasty (PS3)

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I attempted to start a community Dynasty/Franchise last year that went nowhere (it was my first one BTW) but I think I've gained some knowledge as to how one should function and how to work around schedules, etc so I'm gonna give it another shot.

I'm not going to limit the numbers of players so if you get the game a month from now then I'll just add you in . So join! It's gonna be a lot of fun.


- rand0mZer00 - Oregon Ducks (PSN: randomZer0_2814)

- RabidCentipede - Washington St. Cougars (PSN: oulzac)

- mattyb1688 - Florida Gators (PSN: Thaswoop)

- rbal5491 - USC Trojans (PSN: rbal5491)

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I will be down to try this. Never done one, so not sure how it will work exactly.

PSN is oulzac, and I'll take the Washington St. Cougars.

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@rabidcentipede: It's pretty much like offline Dynasty except you would have to wait a couple of days should more users join us and haven't finished their games.

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@rand0mzer00: Oh okay, so we only play each other if our teams are scheduled. I was thinking we only played each other.

That sounds pretty cool. So even if I only play one or two users in a season we are all still competing for bowl bids. (and recruits) I like it.

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I'm down, I've always wanted to have a group play together on the dynasty

Psn: Thaswoop

University of Florida

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Hopefully more people will see this and join in the next few days.

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So I had just sent my ps3 into sony to be fixed two days ago, but once i get it back i would be down to join the dynasty.

PSN: rbal5491

Team: USC

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@rbal5491: Cool. I'll add you so you have USC saved for ya.

I just bought the game right now and had this thought: Is everyone OK with random generated names for the players or would you be willing to wait until someone releases the actual, proper names for the players. I prefer the actual names of the players, but if everyone wants to play right now then I have no problem doing so.

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I'm cool with waiting for the big OS roster file. Should be out by Friday, maybe the weekend.

Also, how is this going to be ran. Are you going to post up the general info, settings, setup etc?

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@rabidcentipede: Yep. I'll get to that later tonight. I've started to add everyone on PSN as well.

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im also ok with waiting for the actual names of the players

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There is a roster out for ps3, the psn of the upload is JEFFDLOWE

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Also if you guys are going all have PAC-12 teams give me Stanford so I can play against everyone

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The official Operation sports roster was released today. The locker user to download is pudgee691.

The OS roster has all 126 teams. With real names, corrected player info (height, weight, year, etc). And corrected coaches with names, real stats etc.

If you download it, and notice any mistakes, please post in this topic on OS forums.

I think we should maybe give it a day or two for some of the major corrections to be made already. There appears to be a lot this year.

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Thanks for posting the link & user name for me to download it. I've been working in the early morning these past couple of days so I haven't been able to login and get them.

In the little time I've played, I think 6 minutes at Heisman is a good way to start off the dynasty. But what do you guys think?

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@mattyb1688: Gotcha duder. I'm in the PAC-12 so we'll definitely be playing against each other.

EDIT: Wait. I just realized you were already Florida. So you want to be two teams? Its fine with me but I'm just making sure.

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Heisman is good for me. Hopefully before we start this we can get some more people to sign up.

I think he means he wants to change from Florida to Standford.

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yeah I wanted to switch so that I could play against you guys, instead of just playing against the cpu every week.

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@mattyb1688: Ok.

I'm getting ready to start creating it right now. I just found out that the roster I currently use is the one that will be on our Dynasty, which isn't going to work considering my brother created a bunch of people so I'm gonna have to see if I can load another roster in. As soon as I got it ready, I will send invites.

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Alrightie. Everything is set up now. I sent out invites to everyone so jump in and we can get this started. It is a private dynasty so the password is: gbncaa.

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hey guys, hows the dynasty going so far? im still waiting for my system to be shipped back to me but ill hopefully be good to go once it comes in

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@rand0mzer00: Hey, I know Im a little late on this, but Im interested in joining if youd have me. Ive never done an online dynasty before.

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