Any tips for Ultimate Road Car event?

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Its on eagle seacrest driving the mclaren f1. I've done this event maybe 10-15 times now. best time I can get is 3:13.33. Gold is 3:08 so I'm 5.33 off.  
Its one of the few I have yet to gold in and I am 2 seconds faster than anyone else on my friend's list in it and I have like 12+ people who did the event. 
It is a winding uphill course in the mountains. basically a lot of 180 turns. What is the fastest way through those turns? Whats the trick, dont just say drift. I've golded nearly all the rapid response and preview events so I know how the game plays. Is this just an f'ed up event or what?

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@MrOldboy: I haven't got this far yet, so my best suggestion would be to check out some of the YouTube vids of ppl playing this event, and see if you can work out there braking and turning points as well as where they use their nitrous, I don't think you will be able to get a good time with nitrous, but using it in the wrong places won't do you any favours either.
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It's all about getting through the corners right. I was having major trouble, and then once I managed to hit more apexes and get through corners faster than I normally did, and I finished it in 3:00:88 (with my previous time being an infuriating 3:08:18). Use the nitrous when you're coming out of a corner, and particularly on the uphill sections, because that's where you lose time if you're not going fast enough. There's also an element of luck as well, in that sometimes you'll have very few cars get in your way, and others you'll have loads.

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finally got it, had a run with nearly no cars on the oncoming side of the road so max boost and no slow down in that lane.

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what I did was frequently conserve my boost and tap it through the turns where I had to drift. BIG difference in time there, which is how I got 3:04:84!!!

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