Free DLC...Does not work...not for me...

#1 Posted by Sin4profit (3309 posts) - says...Mr.Stewert. 
So i've DLed the v1.1 "pack" today...kinda strange they made it an optional update rather then a system update.  
(after some research i found this quote;  " Title updates on the Xbox 360 are restricted to 4MB in size, so anything beyond that must be released as a separate download.") 
As it is, you don't have access to the 3 cars in the pack, the new events show up as red irons on your career map and when you select them you have to "buy" the pack from the in game store.  
Problem is, when i try to buy the pack, for all of 0 microsoft points, the menue to buy lags for a moment and then just disappears. 
I've heard from others in my research that there seem to be gameplay tweaks as well. when playing online today it seems as though if you drop a spike strip when someone's right behind you they will drive right over it...i've experienced this and have heard a few reports of it from others.  
Speaking of updates, i really think they need to add new modes to the game....1vs1 gameplay just seems pointless these days without a split screen option. They really need to make an free roaming interceptor mode that can work with more then 2 players.
As far as the tweaks, I don't know if it's my absence from the game or the new update. Anyone else having similar problems?      

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@Sin4profit:  MS has lifted the limit on large title updates, I see >4MB updates pretty often now.
But I haven't seen the patch yet, I'll have to check it.
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Saw the same thing (which is the way they seem to do it, was also that way in Burnout Paradise). The weird thing is though that the DLC already shows up in the store, which seems like an error ( 0 MSP?!). It'll probably unlock on the 21st but it would've been nice if it had stayed hidden...

#4 Posted by Sin4profit (3309 posts) -
@blalala: Ah, so it isn't even officially released yet? that must be what the issue is. a little annoying to see events on my career map that i can't even do yet.
#5 Posted by JellyFish_Gsus (771 posts) -

I declined the patch update by accident now it wont appear when i load up the game, where can i find the latest patch?

#6 Posted by blalala (130 posts) -
@JellyFish_Gsus:  It's in the marketplace, either on the 360 or via
#7 Posted by JellyFish_Gsus (771 posts) -
@blalala: Thanks I couldn't find it on the marketplace but I completely forgot you could download of Cheers.

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