So,why can I never connect to the Autolog sever?

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It has become somewhat of a constant problem that I cannot get on the Autolog servers at all these days.I'm on Live so the basic mistake of not having the internet connected is out of the question.I can sort of access it if I go to the wall and get to it from there,but once I head back into Career mode,it pops up the message and there's a sign at the top of the screen saying CONNECT and the start button.I keep trying it through that but no dice.So bombers,any solutions or am I seemingly boned?

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This is probably because you need to open the ports on your router/modem. There are guides on youtube to tell you how to do this. The ports can be found near the back of the game manual. 

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I had a lot of problems a couple of days ago too, but not before or since. Could have been an EA issue?

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