The 70 Mile Race and Why Nobody's Done It Yet?

#1 Posted by Seppli (11233 posts) -

After a month of WoW Cataclysm craze, I'm back to playing 'real' games...

Finally came around to finish up the racer events (completed the cops events back in December). So there's a 70 mile race amongst the Hyper events. I've accepted a ton of people for autolog competition, lots of GBers too. There's literally one other guy with a finish time posted on my speedwall. What's going on? Is a 14 minute race too much for you guys' attention span?
I'm quite curious what that's all about.
#2 Posted by jellysnake (50 posts) -

I finished all the cop events, the racer events don't really appeal as much to me.

#3 Posted by KaosAngel (14251 posts) -

...wait there's a race in NFS that's 70 miles and people think it's long?  The average race in GT5 after level 25 is over 70 miles... could easily finish the 70 mile race in less than an hour with just going at an average of 90 mph.

#4 Posted by BlaineBlaine (593 posts) -

A couple friends and I did this: 
Le Mans 24 Hours 
Did about 6 hours shifts each. That said, I probably will never ever ever play any race that takes an hour again. 

#5 Posted by NinjaHunter (997 posts) -

I haven't even unlocked that race yet. In fact, I'm pretty sure I haven't even unlocked the Hyper Class yet. I've been taken my time with that game.

#6 Posted by beef_daddy (102 posts) -

I would say it has more to do with surviving the 70 mile race than actually trying it.

#7 Posted by Pitta (220 posts) -

It only takes like 12 minutes. you are using the HYPER cars for fucks sake. Top speed 250+... its not that bad. I got Gold in 1 try.
#8 Posted by HistoryInRust (6669 posts) -

. . . or that it's one of the last races you unlock. And that this game's livelihood is its online play. 

#9 Edited by Eribuster (625 posts) -

Personally, the game's livelihood are its asynchronous score (i.e. time) competitions and novel event set ups. Than again, I'm one of those weird people that does not care much for live competitive online multiplayer. It doesn't help that the PC interface does everything it can in sabotaging efforts in getting a big public group going. Stupid separation of lobbies in to three events and subsequently five speed classes with no way to communicate to other players in the game. 
Also, I had a tough time with Seacrest Tour. I had to try three times before I was able to snag the gold. The McLaren F1 was too slow and the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport was too heavy. Thankfully, the Koenigsegg CCRX Edition struck the necessary balance for me to beat the rubber banding AI.

#10 Posted by Vao (342 posts) -

did it, gotta love how it gives like 50k bounty for first place, 

#11 Posted by Vinny_Says (5911 posts) -
@Seppli: The hot pursuit just before you unlock it is brutal. That may be why. Also it's 70km not miles, still long as hell. I did it yesterday in my CCrX but that was after my friend tried it 7 times and kept wrecking. 
It's a 14 minute race with a 50,000 credit jackpot for first place. I finished 3rd and got the 15,000 but I still feel like it's not worth racing 15 minutes and ending up 4th or 5th with nothing to show for.
#12 Posted by Seppli (11233 posts) -

I love it. I'm kinda pissed, that there aren't more really long races. The way the world is built, it'd lend itself to 'PGR-style' make your own races. Too bad that's being done with overpriced DLC packs these days. I'd love to design an actual 1 hour race.
About 'surving' a 70 mile race... it ain't a hot pursuit. It's a race. Just don't crash and you'll be fine. Did it twice so far. One second place with like 3 crashes and one first place with one crash at the very end, being a bit to generous with expending my nitrous at all cost.

#13 Posted by TheKeyboardDemon (870 posts) -

I just lost interest in the game altogether.

#14 Posted by ch13696 (4760 posts) -

Why do I agree with the fact that most gamers now do have a short attention span? 

#15 Posted by Phog_of_War (219 posts) -

Sadly the killer for me is the dredded rubberband AI.  And I used to love the NFS games as a kid.
#16 Posted by chan05 (375 posts) -
@Seppli: I finished every race in that game. Feel free to add me in autolog or xbox live: chan05
#17 Posted by mikey87144 (2005 posts) -

I've been doing both cops and racer events at the same time so I haven't gotten to that yet. The fact that it's a Hot pursuit event scares me a bit though

#18 Posted by Eribuster (625 posts) -

Oh, it's not a Hot Pursuit event. Its the last event for the Racer career and it's a Race event.

#19 Posted by MattBosten (511 posts) -

Finished all the events and the first DLC pack (Super Sports IIRC), intend to go back eventually. Was top of my autolog for every event but 2 or 3, expect that will have changed when I do eventually go back. 

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