razr95's Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Xbox 360) review

Best Need For Speed Game I have played

This game is based on a GT Street Racing Style. This Game Delivers allot of action you can cruise around the city find races beat blacklists. And the best part of the game the intense police chases i think this game is the best in the series because you can drive over 30 fast licensed car. And you can customise your car with allot of uprades. When you beat single player you can play other challenge's to win new cars.

The Graphics looks pretty real on the 360 but if you have a Hd tv you will see a good difference then a normal tv.

Difficulty: This game isn't really hard you just need patience sometimes because the AI is pretty advanced.

The Music is good it matche's the game i think this game has the best Ea trax. The sound its pretty good the cars sound pretty real and the police cars also.

I think you'll spend allot of hours trough this game because this game has allot of things to offer.

Now for xbox live this game has little technical problems when you're racing.


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