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Best Need for speed Game Ever !!!

Gameplay You start in a city called Rock-port and in that city there is allot of street racing and cop chases you start and you have a nice BMW m3 gtr and you start to meet some people from the blacklist that have their own territory you race against a few races and because you have an oil slink racing against razor you get cought from the cops you go to the jail and you loose your ride. Mia is a girl that meets you at the entrance of the jail she tells you what happened and what you have to do. You get in a safe house and she explains how the blacklist works. The only thing that you think of is getting back your ride so you start with a stock ride and you have to challenge 15 blacklist racers and the number 1 is Razor Clarence Callahan the one who stole you`re ride. You buy a ride you start to race and you have a certain amount of races milestones and bounty to get the attention of that blacklist you are challenging. Once you complete that you get to challenge them and when you beat them you get 2 markers from them so you have a shot of taking their ride. In the career you have police chases that keep you entertained all of the time and you have a Rap sheet that shows you all the infractions that you caused. In my opinion it takes allot of time before you get to blacklist one and get your ride once you beat blacklist one at the ending you get a big pursuit with condition 6 undercover corvettes helicopter Rhino units and all of the cops in that city chasing you. I have beaten this game 3 times and i still like the pursuit chases.

Graphics On the xbox version the graphics are awful compared to the other versions if you play the 360 version you will feel a big difference even a little bumps on the road affects your handling so imagine how most wanted is in HD xbox 360

Sound The music the sound and all of the cops chasing you sounds realistic all the cars sounds different and even the police cars do.

Overall This game is a must buy it has good graphics good game-play and the only thing i dont like is the small amount of cars that you have.

Positive + Great police chases, Good graphics, Best nfs game in the series. Good cutscenes

Negative - bad online, small choice of cars, Hard AI


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