dooops's Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Xbox) review

The idea was there but the product does not deliver fully

The concept of this game is great. Everyone loves the idea of trying to outrun the cops.

First the bad.

If you are looking for realism you are not at the right place. Your car can hit a transport at 200mph and continue driving. This is ok and adds length to the car chases but you do not have to do any thinking other then avoiding spike strips.

The front of your car is a perfect square! What do I mean by that? Well if you happen to hit a guard rail or a wall or something similar you have to back up and then turn. In reality you should be able to turn left or right and simply push and grind against the structure. However the game mechanics have it so that you can get "pinned" by cops during pursuit mode. This is fine and dandy because otherwise it would be nearly impossible for the cops to stop you if you could simply push the gas and move their cars out of the way. The problem lies when you are just doing a plain race mode. If you hit a wall or something you cannot just keep your wheels turned and grind against the wall. Well you can but it takes forever for you to continue.

Drag racing mode. Wow , what a horrible mode in this game. Luckily you can achieve #1 rating on the blacklist without having to do too many of these drag races. The concept is great but the stearing is horrible. Nothing I hate more then telling your care to turn left and it does not and after repeating the turn signal 3 times in a row your car shifts over 3cm and still hits the car. I found to beat this extremely irritating mode I just drive at a medium speed and hope for the other car to crash and then take your sweet time making it to the finish line.

I personally hate the real people in front of a green screen cutscene graphics for any game. It just seems to cheap.

The good.

It's a fun game and stays relativly fresh because you have to get away from the cops any which way that you can. The graphics, other then the darn green screen cutscenes, are pretty good. The cars look good.

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