supermooseman's Need for Speed: Most Wanted (PC) review

Most Wanted is one of the best racing games around

EA have been churning out Need for Speed games for ages now and some could say the series is now getting dry and crusty, and they need to just hide the license in a cupboard. I say that's rubbish, and Need for Speed Most Wanted is the best in the NFS series so far - and that's saying something.

The game has two main modes - career and challenge. Career sees you taking the role of a street racer who is slowly trying to make his way up the blacklist to become the ultimate racer. The number one blacklister is Razor who will do anything to stop you stealing his position and taking his glory. To gain higher places in the list, you will have to complete a series of racing events along the way such as sprints, circuits and so on. You will also need to rack up your bounty, which you earn by smashing up the police cars and various other things. Challenge mode sees you simply doing what it says on the tin - completing challenges to unlock cars.

Police chases are a great excitement and feature in this game. The ability level of the police cars depends on how long you have been avoiding them for. The final stage is where the police boss comes in which involves some hilarious things that he says broadcasted in your car radio ("get the foo!"). The adrenalin when racing is huge but can be very annoying when you've been going for ages and you get busted.

Graphically the game is amazing and if you have a high-end PC you can really get the full deal from the game (360 visuals). The city is visually very good and you never get the feeling that you've seen that before in another part of the city. The cars also look as photo-realistic as they can come at the moment which is a very hard thing to pull off.

Overall, Most Wanted is just what the series needed. From it's fast paced street races, to it's tense and action packed police chases, this is one racing game you really should put on your shopping list.

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