terdman's Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Xbox) review

need for speed most wanted review

Well need for speed most wanted is pretty good the cars are awesome i like the new black list and the my cars playlist and music is cool and i think it's one of the best need for speed sequels, but the fact that it is always raining
and is always half sunny out side i mean that s so freaking annoying and the cops are sooo gay they are blind and can barely keep up with you most the time and they well like 17 of them come out of now where infronyt of you its like Wtf!! where did theyc ome from crap it just gts annoying andonce you beat the game though you can become the most wanted in the state so called state and earn new cars and vinyals and that is why i rate this game a 3/4 star out of 5.


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    Need for Speed: Most Wanted acts as an injection of freshness that the series needed after the Underground games. Those games, and other franchises, have stretched the tuner scene pretty thin. They also lacked any real police presence, a key feature of earlier series entries and an omission that didn’t do the games any favors. This latest iteration rectifies that mistake and puts a good foot forward for the new generation of consoles.In Most Wanted, you play as a no-name racer in Rockport taking...

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    Hot Pursuit+Underground+Burnout=Most Wanted 0

    Need for Speed Most Wanted is the first game in the series to appear on the Xbox 360. I reviewed the game on the original Xbox playing the Black Edition. The game is better then NFS Underground 2 in some ways but it's worse in other ways. They really concentrate on the whole story thing in Most Wanted. They dabbled in it a little in NFSU2 with the Brooke Burke hosted comic book style story but in this game it's full motion video "real time esque" actors. They put some filter over the video that ...

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