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I bought NFS:MW yesterday and I have to say I'm disappointed on 1 aspect; the drifting.

Short version is this;

I played and beat NFS: Hot Pursuit last year and loved it for the drifting. Smooth, arcade-y, SUPER-controllable drifts... by the end of that game I was drifting corners so tightly and beautifully it was like I was a trained Gymkhana driver.

I played the death out of it until I got bored and anxiously awaited this game NFS: Most Wanted. I expected to jump in and have the drifting identical to NFS: Hot Pursuit, but alas, it seems very different.

(PS3 Version)

The drifting feels very... weighty, and is much harder to do than it was in Hot Pursuit. As a result, I'm not having as much fun since what I loved most (and expected out of NFS:MW) was drifting like Hot Pursuit.

SO my question is, given that I'm still early in the game - are there any cars, or upgrades for cars, that make the drifting similar to Hot Pursuit?

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I'm like half way in (singleplayer), and there's not specific things that make the drifting better, but better agility (light chassis) and stuff like that should make it better. It is different then Hot Pursuit, but I think you just have to get used to it. I think your problem is that you played the hell out of HP, so MW is just harder to get used to. Keep practicing!

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