A tale of Autolog/PSN Account woe!

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So this is a long and weird tale of the woes (please realise I obviously realise this is a first world problem and people go through far worse actual woes) that have been brought on since I moved to Canada from the UK.

I recently moved my the UK to Canada. On release day I picked up a copy of FIFA 13 imagine what a fool I felt when I realised that my Canadian Online Pass could not be redeemed on a UK account. Sony's stance on changing regions has long been just set up a new account (something that is stupid! I've moved with numerous other accounts such as Google Play and itunes and they switch over easily). So I created a Canadian account fully expecting to have to have a separate account from this point forward. I entered the online pass with no problems and started to play. Annoyed by the fact that I now had two accounts. I have both my usernames attached to the same origin account but didn't think anything of it.

Imagine my surprise when a friend messaged me to say that my UK account was showing up a FIFA 13! So through the magic of Origin it somehow piped through my online pass and allowed me to keep my original psn id.

I bought Need for Speed Most Wanted fully expecting the same process to take place. Which it did until I went to connect to autolog and was informed by an origin prompt that my autolog account was linked to another account. I contacted EA through their live chat hoping it would just be a case of reconciling the account and spent some 2 hours online with a rep, who after much trial and error of deleting game data and save data and such like told me it was my ISP's fault and to contact them. I repeatedly asked how it was possible that the syncing of accounts had anything to do with my ISP and if I rang them citing this they would not have a clue what I was talking about, he replied "I would not have told you to contact your ISP if it was not their fault. Thank You for getting in touch with EA if you have any further problems please contact us."

I have got it working on my Canadian account and unfortunately now have to have different accounts for different games.

There is a further twist in the tale, I thought I'd try one last time to see if it worked on my UK account and this time it did! Autolog logged in and all my Speed Points acquired on my Canadian account were in tact minus my single player progress! Awesome I though, friends names were showing up on the most wanted list and all was good. However.....in game the only friends score that are attached to my Canadian account are showing up when I for instance go through speed cams.

So now I'm in this stupid position where I seemingly have to ask everyone to add two new friends flameboyNE and flameboyCA for me to get the most out of the game.

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