Airport area (Terminal Velocity) DLC worth buying?

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I have been loving this game and don't feel the need to spend some of my hard earned on a DLC that probably should have been included in the game (but that is another story). That said an airport sounds like an awesome place to have races, jumps, long straights- it puts me in mind of the airport in GTA: Vice City.

That said, The DLC area for Burnout Paradise was extremely underwhelming, small, the new vehicles only suited the beach and far too few races or areas worth exploring.

Can someone that had taken the plunge and bought it share their thoughts, not from a racing perspective per se but more around whether it is a fun place to burn around in fancy cars.

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Yah know, Criterion is really bad at social media and EA is even worse at pimping their stuff. I had no idea this was a thing until I randomly checked this board. As much as I begrudgingly love Most Wanted, there's no way this DLC is worth 15 bucks.

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Cheers for the reply, I bought it a few days after the post thinking that an airport would be a great place to tear around in a really fast car. It includes terminals as well and plenty of massive jumps. It still seems like it should have been included in the game, not an add on.

I would say it is worth maybe $10, I am sure they will have a special eventually that will make it better value.

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@stefanzi: Terminal is one one of my favorite Burnout 2 courses, so once it goes on sale I'll get it for that reason alone.

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@falconer: I loved the airport in GTA Vice city, either in a quick car to race taking off planes or trail bike to see where I could get it from the myriad of jumps. Both those games have a similar aspect in that way- it is fun to just drive around the city and country roads, no objective, no destination just driving because it is fun. A lot of games seem to forget that 'fun' aspect, instead they are 'intense', 'challenging' or 'competitive'. Not that these things can't be fun it just isn't as purely enjoyable as cruising down a city street (I like to think that the windows are down) enjoying the view and the sound of the engine.

I might have a go this afternoon and record a little tour of the area- you are right about it not be advertised I didn't know that it existed until I saw it on the map. You would think that EA would highlight the exit and when you drive down it is blocked by police tape made of cash taped together.

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I was going to make my own but couldn't be bothered, here is one from MotoGamesTV, it shows the different areas and plethora of jumps.

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