Anyone still playing? PS+ EU

#1 Posted by mrcraggle (1974 posts) -

With this game being free for Playstation Plus subscribers in Europe for this month, I wonder if anyone was still playing?

I also bought the complete DLC pack as it's on sale for just under £11 if you're a PS+ member but my problem with online is that everyone I've played against is just a dick. Seeing how I just started playing the game, I'm really low level and have barely any cares unlock. Playing with randoms just puts you against anyone so I'm being matched up against people driving Bugatti Veyrons and the Hennessey Venom GT Spyder with max level mods making for a pretty lousy time as I attempt to race in my shitty Ford Focus.

So if anyone else is playing the game due to the PS+ business, my PSN ID is the same there as it is here.

#2 Posted by jimmyfenix (3859 posts) -

It would be great to race with other GB users. I will add you next time im on the PS3

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I bought PS+ this weekend so I've played it for like eight hours but it's hard to continue, I keep wishing I was on the PC version so that I could perhaps mod it to make it better. The behind the car camera is sloppy, the driving model is sloppier, the "in-car" camera is like they put a GoPro on the bottom of the chassis so you cannot see crap, and you cannot see anyway with the upscaling graphics and the layer of anti-aliasing they vomited over it and then the blur bloom and HDR is worse than anything Oblivion ever could create..

Having Origin or PSN friends with activity even in the past helps make it more interesting, regularly got random events to beat friends records, challenges etc. Most of my contacts come from around the time of the GT5 launch, if there's a driving game with somewhat social features, I'll see them in it! Good luck

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I don't like that game because I have no one to play with so I apparently can't get the best parts. The single player is terrible. Cars just feel....wrong

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@mercutio123: Yeah, I downloaded it on Saturday. The cars feel too slippery and twitchy to be an arcade racer, but nowhere near precise enough to be a satisfying sim.

I've not tried the online. I didn't really realise there was any as I was too busy being bombarded with prompts to buy the DLC the first time I played.

(On a side note, having unpurchased DLC cars parked around the city in the same manner as the base game cars, but with the 'get in car' button remapped to bring up an online store just seems evil (videogame evil). Who made this again....? Oh.)

@mrcraggle I'll add you as I'll be playing every now and again. PSN Name is Nezgsy if you see the request.

#6 Posted by mrcraggle (1974 posts) -

@nezza: I've noticed that the right car can make all the difference. The biggest annoyance to me however is how easy it is to crash but due to the licenses, the crashes are just boring and not at all fun like they were in burn out where they'd crumple and wreck in interesting ways. Why does crashing into a civilian car total you yet you can happily smash opponents and police?

I just want a new Burnout game so badly :( I went back and downloaded Paradise after playing MW and while it doesn't have the additional little effects, it still holds up well and that 60fps should be the minimum bar for racing games especially when MW can bog down in places.

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