Are You Buying Criterion's Need for Speed Most Wanted on Day 1?

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I love Criterion's Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. So much so, that it was pretty much clear since E3 2012, that I'll get Most Wanted on Day 1 - no questions asked.

I usually buy this type of game for consoles, but this year, having had nothing but great experiences with multiplatform games on PC as of late, especially with EA games (Origin has really helped to make their games on PC a smooth and pleasant experience for me, equivalent to Steamworks-enabled games), to go ahead and get the best possible version of the game *knock on wood*.

So after much pondering on which platform to favor, I finally sent out my last minute preorder for Day 1 hot pursuiting on 2012's take on Need for Speed Most Wanted by Criterion. Are you going to be there? And if not, what are you waiting for? It's going to be pure elation...

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If it turns out good ill buy it later. I'm more interested in picking up that new Forza game at the moment.

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Oh, crap, it's out next week already!  That came quick.
EDIT:  Anybody know what the word is on the Vita version?  Is this a cross-buy thing?  Is it a port, or it's own game?  Is it also made by Criterion, or will it blow?

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I'm going to flip a coin between it and AC3 on launch day

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My money is on AC3 so I'll wait till a later date. :|

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I would if I had the money to spare. Probably will get it for Christmas or something.

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@Zacagawea said:

I'm going to flip a coin between it and AC3 on launch day

I might have to also flip a coin

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it seems like it will probably be pretty good, so I will almost certainly get it at some point. not on day one though, that is definite. my guess right now would be roughly mid-2013, as i have plenty on my docket to play up until then and will be able to get it considerably less than $60 (one would assume).

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Nah I saved my money for Assassin's Creed 3 maybe next year?

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I'm going to wait. I just got Forza Horizon. Most Wanted looks to be a very different driving game for sure but I only want to have so many games at once and right now I'm packed.

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Just got finishing preloading it earlier on Origin, with my Steam Custom Icon and Steam Shortcut, now I only need to wait 6 days, 23 hours and 55 mins until go time!

I only need to buy AC3 and FC3 on Steam then I have my 2012 games bought.

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I'm getting it day 1, loved Paradise. Though the severe lack of buzz around this game has me a bit worried.

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I'll definitely be getting it day one.

It's kinda insane that we would get great driving game releases two weeks in a row. I'm just hoping this isn't a mutually assured destruction scenario like we saw play out two years ago when Bizarre Creations and Black Rock (both now closed down) released Blur and Split/Second on two consecutive weeks.

I'm thinking that won't happen here, but it's just a thought in the back of my mind. These games are a step above those in quality and have major franchise juice, so they should be able to weather a little competition.

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I'm really looking forward to this game, huge Criterion fan, but I will probably wait a bit to pick it up. I still have Dishonored to get through, haven't sunk too much time in NBA 2k13, and Assassin's Creed III is a day one pick up I have to grab. So going to be a bit. Will probably get to it in a few weeks or something. Might wait til Black Friday honestly to see what deals are up.

@StrainedEyes said:

I'm getting it day 1, loved Paradise. Though the severe lack of buzz around this game has me a bit worried.

eh I wouldn't be too worried. Racers are not going to get that hype on media or message boards but Need For Speed always does pretty damn well and if this gets good reviews and has the legs Paradise did it will do well. There are a lot of big games to hype up and release info about and those are going to get the attention. We kind of know what we're getting here, but doesn't mean it won't be a blast to play.

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No but in 6 months I'll rent the fuck out of this game.

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I'm getting it day 1, but I probably won't play it til like day 30.

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two words black Friday I can wait a month even if it's not on sale just by itself a lot of place have buy one get one 50% off.

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@Seppli: The PC version of Hot Pursuit was amazing. There's little to fear here (unless they've switched to Frostbite 2 and something goes horribly wrong...).

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I actually just thought about this and I'm deciding I'll get it later. As much as I love Criterion, I have AC3 CE pre-ordered already and I know I won't put that game down so I'll wait for it. I also have a shit ton of games I own that I need to play after I finish my love fest with AC3.

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day 1


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Later date because it will be dirt cheap to pick up on PC in about a month or less.

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I'll get it next year when it's cheaper and comes with the DLC packed in.

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You know, I've got nothing against it, but I'm just not that into driving games. I'm sure I'll play it eventually but it's not really on my radar.

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Pre-loaded on Origin, really looking forward to getting into it.

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Oh yes, I was so much in love with Paradise City and Need For Speed: Most Wanted seems to be more of a follow up to that game than an follow up to any actual Need For Speed Game.

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@StrainedEyes said:

I'm getting it day 1, loved Paradise. Though the severe lack of buzz around this game has me a bit worried.

You know, I'm with you.

It's a bit kitsch to compare and contrast games, I've always felt, but Forza Horizon and Most Wanted sit pretty square within the same genre of game. It's a genre I like quite a bit, and for a while I was gung-ho about buying Most Wanted on its release day, no questions asked.

Then the Forza embargo lifted weeks before its release. We were being drip-fed here and there little videos about Most Wanted, but Forza's glowing reviews came in one after the other. Its demo was shockingly enjoyable, despite my previous distaste for the Forza franchise, and the Giant Bomb quick look really whet my craving.

You compare that to the flat-footed press in the run up to Most Wanted's release, and you can't--or, at least, I can't--help but feel like I'm being put over on something. Why are the reviews taking so long to publish? Where is all the pre-release marketing footage? Why isn't there a demo?

I get that different companies have different marketing strategies, and that these marketing strategies aren't always indicative of the quality of the game. I get that. Truly. But Most Wanted is like the charming guy who waited too long to talk to the girl he likes. And while waiting, this other guy who is just as attractive and funny and interesting swooped in and worked his magic and she ran off with him instead.

The other guy is Forza. I bought Forza, am loving it, and won't buy Most Wanted until after the first of the year, given the line-up of games in the coming weeks.

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I'm getting it tomorrow for sure. No chance I'll miss a Criterion game at launch. Can't wait.

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They are locking it to Origin and charging £40 instead of the usual £30. Die in a fire, EA.

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I have been waiting for this game ever since I heard that Criterion was making it.

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So just to get this right. In this scenario - you are the girl?

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That was my intention, but I am not too sure anymore. I won't be getting AC3, so a driving game to keep me entertained until Hitman: Absolution seems like a good idea, but I think that I'll wait for some reviews.

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Pre-loaded on Origin, really looking forward to getting into it.

I'm right there with ya.
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Target is rocking a buy 2 -get 1 sale, so I'll hit it tomorrow with AC3.... The only question then is what is my 3rd game? Thinking about Forza Horizon. But idk about 2 driving games at the same time.

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I am but your choices didn't include my actual choice. I'm just going to get it on the vita.

@Spoonman671 said:

Oh, crap, it's out next week already! That came quick. EDIT: Anybody know what the word is on the Vita version? Is this a cross-buy thing? Is it a port, or it's own game? Is it also made by Criterion, or will it blow?

It is made by criterion, not another developer. Essentially a port. Supposed to have some exclusive content also, some PS Vita races and events in there for players to discover

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Going to get it after I finish AC3. Still deciding on what Platform to buy it on.

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PC version yep.

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Tossing up between 360 and PC. Any Idea if it has the free roam challenges from Burnout Paradise? Would be cool if could get a big group of Giant Bomb players on PC to do them with.

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