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#1 Posted by DarthOrange (4173 posts) -

I know a lot of you guys hate IGN, but I figured I would give you a heads up that they are giving out these codes for free, no need to even have an IGN account. Not sure how long it is going on for, but I can confirm that it does work.

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#2 Posted by BillyTheKid (535 posts) -

I saw this earlier today, and I got it. I mean it is a free game so I do not really care who it is being given out by.

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#3 Posted by mcmax3000 (341 posts) -

I already grabbed it when it was on sale during the holidays, but I encourage everyone to check this out. I actually enjoy the iOS version more than the console version.

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#4 Posted by ajamafalous (13031 posts) -

Thanks for the heads up!

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