GB NFS: Most Wanted PC/Origin Friends List

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So, the game is nearing its release date and we need a thread with Origin ID's to play together. There will be challenges that will require a full set of players and what better way to do that then with fellow duders.

So post your:

- Origin ID


Day/Time Availability of the week + Time Zone (if possible)

EDIT: Since the transition to the new site, I can't add (or remove) the Availability for you guys anymore. Sorry.

Giant Bomb User NameOrigin IDAvailability
IrrelevantJohnLLeg3ndMon,Thurs,Sat / 7pm - 10pm (EST)
Valient26Valient268pm (EST) and all weekends
JamesGjamesg28Everyday 1pm - 8-9pm GMT
natedagr811Natedagr811Every night, Tues & Fri all day. (EST)
sloppymovessloppymoves11PM EST any night, and Monday/Wednesdays
MethodMan008MethodMan008Every night!
LadnarGarrulousNarwhalAfter 8pm EST, earlier sessions when able
TapewormTapewormNo clue
owack6Owack6GMT + 2
KrushrKrushrGMT +10
EujinGinnoIchijouCST (GMT -5 until Sunday, then GMT - 6.)
monssfischfeedtheboatsmostly weekends
VaoVa0nCentral time late to early morning
winterkingScoresMANSundays, most weeknights GMT +9
ElCapitanElCapitanBSC5 or 6 EST mostly during the week
MURDERSMASHMurdersmash5pm to 10 or 11pm PST
ZoomyRamenZoomyRamenAvailable most nights
TennmuertiTennmuerti3pm - 12pm GMT
Mister_VKillf3stmost evenings
murisanNasirumUTC -7
bluecollaralaskanCannedstingrayAfter 7:00 pm. Alaska
shaz10010shaz100109 am to 2am GMT
FlemmingMGnubberenWeekends, at GMT + 1
steve86ukToEvadeSlugsSun & Tue all day. Mon & Fri before 5pm. Wed, Thu & Sat 8pm GMT.
Shandwraith4Shandwraith48pm PST
unfckablepuffup2pm EST
RiboflavinRonaldRaidenMost days after 5 or 6
BR00KSIELEGOhairRunnerAfternoon/evenings, UK time
TheBrainninjaTheBrainninjaGMT-8 Evenings
BuneroidBuneroid1pm - 8pm GMT - 6
CzarpyotrCzarPyotrwild times
MisterBronzeMisterBronzeGMT +1
featherswordfeatherswordGMT +10
cravesAlwaysBeCravenmost days of the week after 10-11PM Pacific time
KokaneezHyperx1313Eastern standard time
thirteenyahsthirteenyahs7pm PST
PathosThirtiethTwelveMost Weeknights, Saturdays GMT +11
DourindorandilEvenings on weekdays, randomly on weekends
KealaKealakekua7pm GMT -7
darkjester74darkjester747pm eastern
jediknight00719jedirohit0079pm PDT
MongoosePLBearhardtStrange. Usually Fridays/Saturdays Midday/Evening Pacific
LongevitousLongevitousweek nights pacific time and some weekends
captainandersonMrAnderson555late night/early morning PST
DevildollDeviidoliafterwork hours, and weekends
Freezer_BurnFreezer_Burn911any time after 4pm, EST
RasgueadoRasgueado5:30pm GMT -8 (PST)
mrhaydelmrhaydelMon - Fri 4 PM - 10 PM / Sat - Sun most of the day CST
cr0550vercr0550verWeekends from 19:00 (GMT+2)
AoiKirin70Eastern US
Extreme_PopcornExtremePopcornEU evenings, all day weekends
mmzOnemmzOneAfternoon/evenings GMT+2
HawkSEHawkSESunday-Saturday from 7pm-12am Pacific
MabemjolnirMabemjolnirweekends, some Wednesdays and Fridays
SnailThe_Holy_Snailafter 18:00 on weekdays, and on weekends just all day GMT
Red12bRed12bGMT +12
DavvykDeltakil0most nights
GilshamGilshamNZ6pm-1am~ GMT+12
TroyMcClureBdog40most weeknights and weekend mornings MST
ThrelnosThrelnos8 PM - 12 AM, Weekends random times EST
AlexanderHCAbsenceDKDenmark, GMT/UTC +1, PST +9, EST +6
punkycrispsGavinMilarrrrrMinnesota, CST, GMT +6
GochillaGochillaGMT +1
EribusterEribusterMost weekdays between 6 - 10 PM PST
runcrashruncrashPacific evenings
Wampa1FoodcricketUTC, Weekdays 4pm onwards
KlownStupidKlownGMT evenings
GhostCrabGhostCrab007Weekdays after 8PM PST. Weekends all day.
djdylan128djdylan128End of Days and Weekends (GMT+1)
flashjuniorFlashJunior1after 20:00 and weekends (GMT+1) Switzerland
toolusToolusevenings US Central
karatetronBananaMouthweekends, usually past 7 PM EST
#2 Posted by Transit3 (48 posts) -

Origin ID - Transit3

#3 Edited by Valient26 (13 posts) -

Origin ID - Valient26

Want some friends to stay connected and enjoy this game, hopefully it will be a lot of fun multiplayer with funny moments to remember.

8pm (EST) and all weekends

#4 Posted by Brodehouse (10511 posts) -

Origin - Brodehouse


Even if there isn't a bunch of straight on racing, it's good to have an active speedwall.

#5 Posted by omergd1 (141 posts) -

origin - omergd1

#6 Posted by david3cm (677 posts) -

origin - david3cm

#7 Posted by Killercombo (258 posts) -

origin - kingofclassy

#8 Edited by jonnybob (181 posts) -

origin: jonjaques

availability: sporadic at best (2 kids, very pregnant wife)

#9 Edited by Tapeworm (69 posts) -

Anyone read much about the CloudCompete feature? I have only seen it mention sharing saves/status across Platforms (seems only useful if you buy the Vita version), but nothing about Autolog recommendations. Since I'm assuming console users will still have to log into EA's service, I think it would be great if you could share times and challenges across PC/consoles as well.

#10 Posted by ki11tank (734 posts) -

guess i should have known this would be origin, booo hisss!!

#11 Posted by JamesG (67 posts) -

Origin: jamesg28

online everyday between 1pm - 8-9pm GMT.

#12 Posted by Brodehouse (10511 posts) -
@Tapeworm I would be _highly skeptical_ Sony or Microsoft (well, Microsoft) would allow EA to share across the consoles like that... But I could see consoles sharing with Origin PC games.
#13 Posted by JohnDudebro (955 posts) -

Origin: JohnDudebro

I can't very well play this game with an empty Autolog.

#14 Edited by natedagr811 (26 posts) -

Origin ID PC: Natedagr811

Availability: Every night, along with Tuesday and Friday all day. (Eastern Standard Time)

Can't wait to start this up!

#15 Edited by sloppymoves (2 posts) -

Origin ID: sloppymoves

Availability: 11PM EST any night, and Monday/Wednesdays

Sorry if I make it my life's goal to wreck it in the Autolog.

#16 Posted by MethodMan008 (934 posts) -

Origin ID: MethodMan008

Availability: Every night

It's gonna be a few weeks before I get Most Wanted.. Currently playing NFS The Run on PC. :D

#17 Posted by Ladnar (209 posts) -

Origin ID: GarrulousNarwhal Availability: after 8pm EST with earlier sessions when able. Preloaded and ready as long as I still have power tonight, damn Sandy.

#18 Posted by Jeff (5282 posts) -

I believe mine is "GiantBombing" on Origin. Has it unlocked yet?

#19 Posted by Appuh (45 posts) -

Origin - Appuh

@Jeff: for USA it inlocks in a few hours I think. Europe has to wait untill the 31th :(

#20 Edited by IrrelevantJohn (1154 posts) -

I'm kind of surprised that the download size is only 5.5GB.

On another note is anyone else playing this tonight?

#21 Posted by Tapeworm (69 posts) -

Origin - TapewormIII (those I are capital i's)

Availability - No clue

#22 Posted by natedagr811 (26 posts) -

@IrrelevantJohn: I'm playing tonight, and I know a few others on the list that are.

Also, Burnout Paradise with all the DLC is 3GB, while NFS Hot Pursuit is 8GB. So 5.5 GB seems about right.

#23 Edited by IrrelevantJohn (1154 posts) -

@Tapeworm said:

Origin - TapewormIII (those I are capital i's)

Availability - No clue

Copy and paste is our friend!

EDIT: Copying and Pasting your name still doesn't work.

#24 Posted by Tapeworm (69 posts) -

Oh...hmmm...Try just "Tapeworm"...should be at picture of a cat with orange eyes.

#25 Posted by owack6 (245 posts) -

Origin - Owack6 GMT + 2

#26 Posted by IrrelevantJohn (1154 posts) -

@Tapeworm: Yeah it's just Tapeworm.

#27 Posted by IrrelevantJohn (1154 posts) -

@natedagr811: Do you know if it's just Double SP for only 4 hours from the time you start or does it stop when you stop?

#28 Posted by Tapeworm (69 posts) -

Pre-loading right now. I plan to be on tonight, but probably won't be doing any Multi stuff. I love the Autolog challenges though.

Oh, if you bought from Green Man Gaming, your key is available under your profile...I thought they would e-mail something out. Nope.

#29 Posted by natedagr811 (26 posts) -

@IrrelevantJohn: Don't hold me against it, but I believe the four hours is based off of the playtime count in Origin. So if you decide to stop playing after 2 hours, you still have two hours left.

#30 Posted by Krushr (60 posts) -

Origin - Krushr

I'm in Australia so my timezone is GMT +10

#31 Posted by Silver-Streak (1519 posts) -

Origin - GinnoIchijou

Availability: Probably after 6pm CST (GMT -5 until Sunday, then GMT - 6.)

#32 Posted by monssfisch (50 posts) -

Origin - feedtheboats

I'll be on mostly weekends.

#33 Posted by Killercombo (258 posts) -

@Tapeworm said:

Pre-loading right now. I plan to be on tonight, but probably won't be doing any Multi stuff. I love the Autolog challenges though.

Oh, if you bought from Green Man Gaming, your key is available under your profile...I thought they would e-mail something out. Nope.

They normally do. it was strange to me.. anyway I am in the UK and used a VPN to unlock it early and it works fine so far, played some SP and MP and it was a lot of fun: I also accepted everyones FR if they added me.

#34 Posted by IrrelevantJohn (1154 posts) -

@Eujin said:

Origin - GinnoIchijou

Availability: Probably after 6pm CST (GMT -5 until Sunday, then GMT - 6.)

There are 2 GinnoIchijou on Origin. Are you the one with the dead Space display pic?

#35 Edited by Silver-Streak (1519 posts) -

@IrrelevantJohn: I'm both, actually. The Dead Space Display pic was linked with my old email address. With the launch of TOR, they moved all of my stuff off my old account with that email, and onto the new email, but did not delete the old account (just the game/entitlements off that account.) My active profile had no pic.

Edit: I have updated my profile to have the same Raziel profile pic as I do on Giant Bomb

#36 Posted by Vao (339 posts) -

origin name Va0n

I'm on central time probley late to early morning.

I'm preloading and it's telling me it unlocks tonight at 11:00, hopefully that my time.

#37 Posted by winterking (4 posts) -

Origin ID - ScoresMAN

Timezone - GMT +9

Availability - Sundays, most weeknights.

#38 Posted by murisan (1143 posts) -

@Tapeworm said:

Pre-loading right now. I plan to be on tonight, but probably won't be doing any Multi stuff. I love the Autolog challenges though.

Oh, if you bought from Green Man Gaming, your key is available under your profile...I thought they would e-mail something out. Nope.

Not for me, and it says it's coming out on Nov 1st. Wow, I'm pretty pissed right now.

#39 Posted by ElCapitan (478 posts) -

User: ElCapitan

Origin: ElCapitanBSC

I'll be on after 5 or 6 EST mostly during the week.

#40 Posted by Xshinobi (459 posts) -

Xshinobi. As for time I can't say as I work shifts.

#41 Posted by Barrabas (339 posts) -

I'll throw my hat into the ring for this.

Origin ID: ErrorMacro1

My timezone is EST, but availability is sort of random right now.

#42 Posted by Sin4profit (3170 posts) -

origin - Sin4profit

#43 Posted by MURDERSMASH (267 posts) -

Origin ID - Murdersmash. I'm on from 5pm to 10 or 11pm PST, depending on how tired I am D:

#44 Posted by ZoomyRamen (255 posts) -

Origin ID - ZoomyRamen

Available most nights when in unlocks here in the UK

#45 Edited by Tennmuerti (8317 posts) -

Add me please, same Origin ID as the username: Tennmuerti

in EU so available mostly 3pm - 12pm GMT, most days, until i get bored of it i guess :P

#46 Posted by Mister_V (1612 posts) -

Origin ID : Killf3st


Available most evenings.

#47 Posted by lightsoda (553 posts) -

lightsoda, GMT+1

#48 Posted by murisan (1143 posts) -

Origin ID: Nasirum

I'm on pretty much most evenings. Mountain time (UTC -7)

#49 Posted by cannedstingray (436 posts) -

Origin ID. Cannedstingray Available. After 7:00 pm. Alaska

#50 Posted by l3roken (128 posts) -

@IrrelevantJohn: l3rokenGM, will be nice to have more than 1 person on my speedwall.

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