Has anyone had problems with NFSMW on the 360

#1 Posted by eatalargefrog (40 posts) -

I'm having problems with the game freezing at title screen and right before  the start of a race going from cutscene to race. Has anyone else had an issue like that?  
I thought it might be the update so i deleted that and tried to play it had the same problem. Installed update again same problem.

#2 Posted by cthomer5000 (879 posts) -

Nothing like that, no.

I get very infrequent quick 'hitches.'

Like 5-7 of them in as many hours of gameplay. Have also seen some framerate drop at times. Hoping they can fix that in a patch (they did crazy amounts of work on Burnout Paradise).

Still enjoying the game though.

#3 Posted by Chaser324 (6750 posts) -

I've had the game lockup twice when going into or out of the menus, and there are noticeable frame rate drops and hitches from time to time.

Definitely still enjoying the game (especially the online stuff), but I'm hoping they can address some of that in some updates.

#4 Posted by joshthebear (2700 posts) -

Nothing here. Had a few hard locks but that's about it.

#5 Posted by MideonNViscera (2252 posts) -

For me it's just been the soundtrack cutting out sometimes, and the music gets fucked up if I even put the menu on sound options.

#6 Posted by fazzle (308 posts) -

The only problems I've had so far have been MP team races occasionally never starting up.

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