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I messed around with multiplayer in NFS:MW for a few hours tonight and I am thoroughly confused.

Unless I missed something, the game throws you into it with no explanation of what is going on whatsoever. What are these different event types and why isn't there some kind of explanation on what to do? Some are self explanatory... "Jump a total of X feet over this bridge." or "Jump over other racers via this ramp." But what about things like Team Race? Is it just a race? Why did my team lose even though I got first place?

This stacked on top of it being INCREDIBLY easy to be wrecked by other players makes for a very confusing clusterfuck of an experience. Can anyone point me in the direction of a guide or something that explains how this all works?

And is it possible to do simple races? I would love to be able to hop on and play a few multiplayer races without having to deal with silly events occasionally.


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I'm of the opinion that the game sucks, but i feel if you want to enjoy it you can't take the multiplayer seriously at all. It's a score fest game, not a racing game.

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@B0HICAH: They usually give you a rough idea of what to do on the little ticker that appears along the bottom. I agree that a little more explanation about what each event is but they are all fairly simple (Race, team race, drive fast past speed camera, get between points A & B as fast as possible, jump longest distance, dift time so on....). The one that gets me and have only done twice is the event where you have to "Spot" certain players. As far as I can tell it tells you nothing about the context in what that refers.

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Game is a shadow of its predecessor

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