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So I just picked up the game, and I'm experiencing a really weird problem.

The in-game announcer voice is so low it is inaudible. I wouldn't care if it wasn't for the fact that -- with no other tutorials to speak of -- hearing what she's got to say is kind of important to get an immediate grip on the basic play systems. It's especially weird as I played the demo before buying the full game, and the announcer was perfectly audible!

Going into settings doesn't make any difference -- there's no specific slider for voice, and adjusting SFX lowers everything, including the voice.

Anyway, it's not a huge issue, I just wondered whether anyone else had the same experience?

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A lot of games released lately have had bad audio mixes. In Assassin's Creed III I had a problem where the crowd noise would make it really hard to hear a conversation between Connor and whoever he was talking to. I've started to turn subtitles on for every game for this reason alone.

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