Save Game Location?

#1 Posted by AlexanderHC (62 posts) -

Hey peeps Anyone know where to find the save game file(s) for Most Wanted? Or if its even possible to pull them out and make a local backup? Thanks

#2 Posted by InsaneMatt (30 posts) -

According to a submission for my tool (which I'm not naming due to advertising), the 2012 version of Most Wanted saves to 'Documents\Criterion Games\Need For Speed(TM) Most Wanted'.

As I do not own the game myself, I cannot confirm this path. Having said this, no-one has corrected it neither so I'd assume it's correct.

#3 Posted by AlexanderHC (62 posts) -

You are correct. Damn- I need to open my eyes some time. Thanks a lot!

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